Steven walking in forest

I was recently watching Junior Masterchef with my wife, marvelling at the skill of kids as young as 11.

We wondered how the kids would cope by being put under immense pressure.

Will it scar them?

Is it cruel?

As adults, we are all under pressure most the time.

There is no avoiding pressure so perhaps take it head-on.

I’ve spoken to many people in jobs they dislike working in warehouses, as cashiers, as labourers. I’ve also met many hugely (so called) successful people. What’s the difference?

The high achievers put themselves in pressure situations.

Those who struggle just don’t put themselves in uncomfortable stressful positions.

  • The successful go for the job they are not entitled to apply to.
  • The successful put it on the line and write that report which changes the course of a company.
  • The successful do cold calls.
  • The successful bet the farm on an investment they believe in (Murdoch, Branson, Jobs, Musk).

The diamond comes from the pressure.

Like the kids on MasterChef, let’s put ourselves intentionally into these stressful situations. The kids will have life experiences and learn about themselves, we can do the same.

Make that uncomfortable call (literally and figuratively).