Best practice mystery shop query process

From time to time there may be queries about mystery shop evaluations. Normally this occurs for 3-5% of evaluations, and in about 1% of cases, the report may be changed or the location re-shopped.

Some stores are over-exuberant with their queries*. This creates unintended and unnecessary work for us, and for you as the client. We suggest sharing the following guidelines for queries with stores.

Queries should be:

  • Specific and relate directly to a question – e.g. #2 Cross sell question – I remember the shopper because it was quiet that day, and I do recall offering the belt as a cross sell. Please double check with the shopper.
  • Factual – e.g. a time measurement, or whether an event did or didn’t happen.
  • Prompt – e.g. within 1 week of receiving the report. This ensures that if we need to contact the shopper, the information is still fresh in their minds.
  • Managed centrally – e.g. a client representative should review all queries prior to passing them on for investigation.

Queries should not be:

  • Judgemental – e.g. it didn’t look like they were going to buy.
  • Subjective – e.g. I know Mary would never do that.

Every query will be investigated thoroughly prior to any changes to the report, or any further information is provided. We have no vested interest in the results or the store ranking, so we answer all queries impartially.

* Our pricing is provided on the basis of stores making reasonable queries.