How confident are COVID consumers?

The ultimate test of good service is to make a sale. This article also looks at the relationship betwen buyer and seller as well as three ways to fix it.

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September 09, 2019

The ultimate test of good customer service

The ultimate test of good service is to make a sale. This article also looks at the relationship betwen buyer and seller as well as three ways to fix it.

August 30, 2019

How Uber Eats almost destroyed a small business

We have to be careful of the shiny new toy. My local cafe has started doing Uber Eats deliveries. Good for them! Well….. not so fast. The wait times jumped to 20 minutes and then 40 minutes. My big cycling group worth $600-$700 per month has slowly moved to another cafe (despite many second chances)….

August 21, 2019

Are you making these small service mistakes?

This is about what happens when a company automates their customer service too far.

August 20, 2019

How to stay top of mind

A description of the ‘mere exposure effect’ and the art of staying top of mind

August 19, 2019

How to avoid wasting ad money

See how a B2B software seller is wasting over 30 of its marketing spend through poor execution.

August 09, 2019

The best word-of-mouth is?

We all know that word of mouth is critically important. Word-of-mouth can come from several sources including friends, acquaintances, or even a random comment on a social media post or review site. But one type of word of mouth is more powerful than the others. At Service Integrity, we do a lot of studies looking at…

August 07, 2019

Cross Selling is not an insult

What’s the purpose of shopping. No seriously. To buy something. And the more value the better. In my Mystery Shopping business we find that in some industries staff only close the sale 36% of the time. Even worse, they upsell as little as 12% of the time. Why are staff so reticent? Well they think…

August 04, 2019

Why is everyone standing around?

I can’t understand the recruitment policies of department stores. You’ve probably experience this yourself. Sunday afternoon, hardly anyone around, and staff standing around behind the counter or just standing at attention in the middle of the floor.  It is the staff member’s job to approach customers to welcome them and ask them what they are…

July 29, 2019

Use ignorance as a tool

We have to be careful that our politically charged and polarised world doesn’t transfer to Sales and Service. We think we “know” the truth. The other side is wrong. We are right. I always marvel at how one side can always be right and the other is wrong. It’s impossible but normal. We now have…

July 25, 2019

Using customer service as a shield

Board and executive meetings are tough. You know you’ll be challenged on something. You’ll be on the defensive. A tried-and-true tactic to survive these meetings is to provide some good or boring news in the mix.  This allows the presenter to seem on top of things and balance the inevitable bad news. One of the most ingenious…