Compliance Mystery Shops and COVID Audits

What are they?

Compliance mystery shops allow you to measure the hidden pockets of your operation so you don’t have to just ‘hope’ the rules are being followed.

These programs identify whether your company is operating in full compliance with laws, regulations, professional standards, ethical practices and internal processes.

Why measure compliance?

Compliance issues can take down an entire brand..

Compliance mystery shops are a critical tool of operational, legal, and brand protection.

The act of measuring compliance in itself improves adherence beyond simply taking corrective actions. You get the outcomes you measure. 

How we measure compliance

It’s mystery shopping, but different.

We work with your internal experts to clearly define your legal and operational obligations. 

Our compliance trained mystery shoppers are then filtered based on your criteria, and finally tested to ensure they understand the nuances of your requirements.

We understand there is no room for ambiguity in these shops. We’ll bring our experience measuring industries as diverse as banking to supermarkets to achieve precise compliance measurements.

Retail Shadow Shopper