Mystery Shop the complete customer service experience

Go deeper than customer feedback.

Customer service mystery shops complement direct customer feedback to give a more complete picture. Our customer service mystery shop programs join the dots and tell you precisely where your customer service can be improved.

Mystery shopping customer service provides a measurable account of what your existing customers are experiencing.

Why mystery shop customer service?

Mystery shops provide context to your customer data.

Customer feedback surveys are a great barometer of service levels but they don’t provide context. Mystery shopping allows you to determine exactly where your problems exist and how to fix them.

Mystery shopping programs will also allow you to act on deep, unbiased information, untainted by personal agendas.

Furthermore, mystery shopping insights focus on information which leads to profit. Are staff connecting with customers? Are they knowledgeable? Are they closing the sale? Are they cross-selling? We’ll find out.

How we Mystery Shop customer service

From strategy to execution.

We will develop a mystery shopping program built on your current strategies and training.

Customer service mystery shops can be set up using a variety of distribution points in a wide number of industries (including B2B and B2C). These mystery shopping programs measure the human interactions and internal operational issues (e.g. queue times or follow-up etc.).

We will work with your operations and training teams to clearly define and map your customer service process so we can design a tailored program.

You’ll be able to determine exactly where to make changes to your operations and training budgets, thus providing massive ROI returns.