Understanding What Your Customers Are Thinking

The problem with surveys

Many companies worry that their surveys are missing the mark. Well they are right to worry.

People don’t buy solely on robotic logic. The problem is a lot of surveys ask the same old logical questions in a vein attempt to measure emotions.

Furthermore customers may be unwilling to give accurate feedback. Even worse, the customers might not know why they act as they do. Our solution is to incorporate the latest discoveries in Neuro Science to identify patterns showing what’s really going on in your customers’ minds.

Customers are complicated. Why do they choose you?

You probably spend untold energy defining your Brand, product, convenience, look, feel and… the list goes on. Your strategy defines how you interact with the outside world, but it doesn’t answer all the questions. You can’t know what’s happening in your customers’ minds. Until now.

Neuro Shop goes deep into unlocking the reasons why your customers buy. You will feel like you are reading their minds.

Once you know why your customers buy, you can set up the service offering to specifically serve them and attract others. More importantly, we’ll help you measure the things most important to them to make sure you’re on track.

Asking the right questions

Your measurement tools should ask questions relevant to your customers.

Everyone wants to collect customer data, but data doesn’t become insight unless it’s relevant. Irrelevant data has a financial cost which is further compounded by the cost of potential missed opportunities and misguided strategy.

So how do you know which questions to ask?

One thing is certain, it’s no longer OK to ask the same generic customer satisfaction questions. We’ve moved on using Neuro Shop.

Neuro Shop will identify the exact touch points and triggers relevant to your customers based on their sub-conscious buying behaviour.

We’ll help you focus on the specific triggers which affect the relationships you have with your customers.