Reading your customer’s mind keynote

You see a beautiful car in the dealership. You stop, give it a glance, and then continue shopping.

A few hours later you find that you bought that car you fell in love with. It was dearer than expected, but it seems like your mind was already made up.

Sound familiar?

This happens with everything from automatically buying detergent to buying a car. Your sub-conscious is a massive part of the decision.

Similarly, all customers and staff are different. So offering everyone the same car makes no more sense than offering everyone the same service formula.

Some customers like to be served quickly, others want a chat. Some customers want to pour over brochures, some just want an experience. Some want price, others want the latest and greatest.

Imagine being able to read a customer’s mind?

But the customer is half the equation. All staff know they feel more comfortable with some customers rather than others. Therefore staff need to understand their own subconscious approach to service, and their personal challenges in dealing with different customers.

So who wants what?

In this keynote, Steven unpacks the 9 subconscious personality types which are presented every day both as a customer and staff member.

Keynote overview

  1. The store managers complete a 3 minute online workbook which will unwittingly categorise them into one of the 9 sub-conscious personality types.
  2. At the conference, we seat them at tables matching those groups – and watch how well the similar people on the table get on with each other.
  3. Have fun with interviewing some people on each table to highlight the differences between the groups.
  4. Relate each of those 9 types to their own staff and customer types.
  5. Use some quick tools to identify the types of customers.
  6. Taking it a step further, the personality profiler can be completed by the front-line staff, and we give tools to the managers and staff to understand the personality profiles. (This is a massive step in building teamwork).

Why take this approach?

After measuring customer service levels for over 10 years, Steven has seen what works and what does not work.

If service is too structured, it’s disconnected. If it’s too organic, it’s inconsistent. This approach allows staff to follow a set sales process, but importantly give them a tool for personal connection with the customer

Who is it for?

Store Managers:

  • To better understand how to get the best from all their staff (yes all of them)
  • To give managers a tool to create a service culture.

Staff Members:

  • Let staff better understand their strengths and blind spots when dealing with customers.
  • Give staff a tool to better understand and deal with difficult customers.

Leadership teams:

  • To better understand the group dynamics within the leaderships team so they can get the most out of each leader.

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